Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lights, Camera.. Road trip!

Ohh, Roadtrips! In our family: Cramped cars full of screaming kids and not enough hands.. the best outcome is when we can fit at least an hour or two of peace! This time we only took the "good" kids Calvin and Ivan. I do have to admit they where probably better in the car than I was! My mother, Calvin, and Ivan and I took out a weekend and spent it in Buffalo, New York! Nope, sorry, no City! More like allot of land and what seemed like even more family! Cousins galore! Was it worth it? Defiantly! Besides, what is a trip with out some shots of you and your siblings! Oh and your mother dear and your cousins who you learn should totally have been your twin, and my job wouldn't be complete if i didn't throw in a snake somewhere! We'll this is us doing.. what us shrimpp's don't usually do! Enjoy!

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